Blue Angelfish

Blue Angelfish (Holacanthus bermudensis) is very similar to Queen Angelfish; the only differences are the markings and the colors. Blue Angelfish are common in Florida, but quite rare here in Caribbean Sea. Just few live at our dive sites in Bayahibe.

Same like Queen Angelfish the adult male Blue Angelfish grows to 8 to 14 inches max 18 inches. Blue Angelfish is purplish to blue with appearing of a grey cast, the edges of the scales are pale. Dorsal, anal and tail fins have yellowish-brown dots and yellow trim. Ventral fin is yellow with blue trim and the pectoral fins are exactly the opposite – blue with yellow trim. Blue Angelfish also has the crown, but not as clear as Queen Angelfish.


Juvenile Blue Angelfish have dark blue body with three straight brilliant blue to white stripes, mouth, tail and area around pectoral fin is yellow. The difference between the Queen and the Blue juvenile Angelfish is the middle body stripe; juvenile Queen Angelfish stripes are curved.


Reproduction, habitat and behavior are the same as Queen Angelfish. Queen and Blue Angelfish sometimes interbreed, producing offspring with colors and markings from both species uncommon in Caribbean – some sources describes these hybrids as separate species called Townsend Angelfish.